WiFi Scales: Worth It Or Pass?

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping your weight in check is of great concern. Especially due to our awareness of many disorders like heart failure that arise due to excess weight. We find ourselves monitoring our body weight several times a week.  Due to our busy lives, access to a traditional scale to check your weight might not always be available. It becomes difficult checking whether there is any progress towards a weight loss program even if you take the right diet and visit Bodify, the best bodysculpting center in Phoenix, AZ several times a week.smartphone_connecting_ to_wifi_scale

The current technological innovations have come up with a solution; it is now possible to check one’s weight using a Wi-Fi scale. But do not be misguided that the Wi-Fi scale will take extra pounds from your body or will do the workouts for you. What it does is to help you keep track of your loss weight program promptly. It acts as a motivational tool that sends your records to the internet as long there is a Wi-Fi connection, and thus you can access them at any time.

When you hit Bodify, a bodysculpting center and work on your diet, the Wi-Fi scale is there to monitor if there is any progress. One can set the scale in either imperial units or metric measurement units and setting up is very easy. The Wi-Fi scale also computes one’s body mass index basing one the user’s height. The scale will show one’s trends in the weight loss program for example by use of averages from graphs.man_standing_on_wifi_scale
Special sensors are fitted in this scale, and they are very accurate in measuring one’s weight at 0.2 pounds graduation. These sensors detect variations in body weight even if it is just for a single minute. The scale then sends the information directly to a smartphone or synchronized computer and one can access the information. You can provide the information instantaneously to Bodify to give them direct access to your weight loss numbers.

It is very interesting to note that the Wi-Fi scale allows multiuser up to 8 people who make it ideal for family use. The device will take each’s weight and can determine automatically which among the family members is on the scale based on their weights. The device also allows one to share information of the progress with friends, fitness instructors and family members through social media.

The Wi-Fi scale aids one to check the progress of your weight loss program. To be successful in losing weight, one should consider checking out Bodify bodysculpting center in Phoenix, AZ, along with consistency in workouts and correct diet and now with the Wi-Fi scale, checking whether your efforts are paying off is now possible due to timely information it provides.

Why Should I Use A Screen Protector?

If you have just bought a new phone the first thing you should acquire next is a glass screen protector, which will prevent your screen from scratching and help maintain the device for as long as possible, for example, for subsequent resale. There is a huge selection of accessories you can buy, such as mirror or matte films made of special materials. But be warned, there are so many brands out there, be sure to read the best tempered glass screen protector review you can find.

Antiscratch film – protection against scratches

This kind of protective film is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. This plastic film will protect your phone from scratches after accidental bumps and falls. But in order to protect the device against really strong shocks there is nothing better than tempered glass protectors.

Tempered glass – reliable protection against shocks and moisture

Tempered glass is more reliable. It has a harder structure, oleophobic coating, and is much thicker. Coating makes sure that no fingerprints are left on the screen. Despite this, the sensitivity of the sensor is not impaired and it is not necessary to press harder.

During testing this glass usually cracks on the edges, so it plays the role of a shock absorber and can save the screen even from a strong impact, and of course, after that it will be unusable. But the replacement of this protective screen will cost way less than the cost of a new phone.

How to attach a screen protector to your phone

It is better if a professional does the job but if you feel ready than you can do it yourself. Just trim it so it corresponds to the size of your tablet or phone. If there are no special holes for buttons and speaker than accurately cut them out. Before attaching, thoroughly clean the screen with a microfiber cloth and a little bit of soap water, then gradually stick it, starting from the top. All this must be done very carefully so the film or glass does not move in an unwanted direction.

Just watch how cool this is!!

Disadvantages of screen protectors

One of the most common disadvantages of tempered glass screen protectors is that they can change the feeling of using a mobile device. When touched they may feel more soft or sticky. They may also change the look of your device and the clarity of the image on the screen. This is particularly noticeable when the material is exposed to fading over time.

But it is easy to avoid most of these drawbacks by timely replacement of the screen protector.