What Lexmark Claron Merger Means For Medical Imaging Technology


The year 2015 has been an important one for Lexmark because they announced a critical merger with Claron. Claron Technology is a company that focuses on medical imaging, and the deal took place for a whopping $37 million. This gives people the opportunity to have clean and simple access to digital medical imaging technology, which can be used in connection with medical methods so that the patient is the beneficiary. This allows both companies to combine forces and provide patients with the high-quality hardware and software needed to help them out and to give more precise diagnostic information.

intake_patient_printerDoctors will be able to help their patients easier by using these hardware and software platforms, elevating their practices in the 21st century. This is a field that will only continue to grow with time, which makes this acquisition all the more necessary. Medical offices, MOBs and hospital tech departments in and around Sacramento have paid close attention to the merger are realize that the need for printing services is not going to diminish in the workplace.

If you own a company that could serve well for these products, you will need to be sure that you are best able to take advantage of this information and use it to help yourself out. Make sure you learn about reliable onsite laser printer service repairs in Sacramento. By having someone come onsite, it keeps your technicians focused on what they’re paid to do which is IT.

By taking advantage of on-site repairs, your patients will always be able to get the help and care that they need. The last thing you would ever desire is to have an office full of patients who are not able to get the absolute best diagnostic care possible. This merger means that you will have more firepower at your fingertips when it comes to helping your patients out. So whether you run a Sacramento dental practice, a physician’s office, a physical therapy clinic, a chiropractor’s office or any other brand of medical profession to patient care, you will need to keep your hardware and software in order. The most practical way is to have an on-site service that will give you the help and assistance right away, as opposed to having to send off for help or rely on outside IT professionals. Invest in this quality of work so that you are always able to get the care that you need, which will trickle down to your patients and make your practice better for it overall. Proceed with your practice and put this good knowledge to use!