Online Technology Training Has Its Ups and Downs

student_in_front_of_laptopYou can learn quite a bit from prosperous and unsuccessful companies in the online tech education space. Companies like Wealthy Affiliate, an online marketing technology training company founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson can provide great insight. They are internet entrepreneurs from Victoria British Columbia Canada. The company has since been overseeing internet marketing and online business support and training to over hundreds of thousands of people, businesses, and other organizations and in the process, connecting them as well.

The company has set up a development team that consists of programmers, support team, content developers, server managers, code management team, and the two co-founders. Wealthy Affiliate works by recruiting members or allowing individuals to become a member by simply choosing a passion or interest and turning it into a successful marketing business. If you log onto their site, you will find four steps to becoming a successful member:


Choose an interest: This is where you come up with an idea.

Build a website: This involves creating a website based on the concept that you have selected.

Attract visitors: Here you attract people to your site to build your business. The company makes it clear, more people equals more opportunity.

Earn revenue: This fourth phase involves promotion and selling of products through special programs called affiliate programs. You earn revenue, which is a 75% commission if the traffic you send to the company website buys products.

Reviews and complaints

However, few companies have the luxury of dodging complaints. This review will highlight some of the complaints/reviews. One of the complaints that you will find sprinkled throughout the many reviews is the loss of “write access” which removes the freedom to ask questions, post comments, and interact with the Wealthy Affiliate community. Another complaint has been from people who claim the education is a swindle. Nevertheless, most reviews have been positive and the company has been praised for its benefits. Click here to see more Wealthy Affiliate reviews/complaints.


As you already know, the starter membership is free while the premium membership goes for $47 per month or $359 yearly. However, if you upgrade within the seven days of the free membership, you get to pay $19 per month.



One of the advantages of this company is that it is free to start.

The co-founders and other experts participate in discussions or rather the company forums actively.

Wealthy Affiliate primary objective is to offer support and training to its members and make sure they achieve success. All you need is your passion or interest allowing anyone to follow his or her dreams, talents, etc. to make money. Wealthy Affiliate offers training’s and lessons on how to build online businesses or scaling existing businesses. Anyone can join, irrespective of age, profession, among other things.


You only have full access or freedom to interact with the company community that entails other expertise for only seven days after which you have to go premium to continue enjoying the freedom.

Lastly, most reviews from users have majorly described their experience as spectacular. If you have been keen on the reviews, you will notice that almost everyone thinks it is too good to be true with others thinking it is a scam. Anyway, so far so good, most users have encouraged people to join and exploit their potential.

Alternatives To Invisalign Technology

Invisalign technology offers outstanding comfort and results to those needing tooth correction. Invisalign is typically admired for their comfort and invisibility. However, with this technology comes a hefty price tag. Therefore, you might be interested to know about the alternatives to this particular treatment in the marketplace. The good news is that there are a few alternatives that you are going to be able to choose from.

The Top Invisalign Alternatives On The Market


This particular competitor is great because it offers a lot of the same benefits as Invisalign without the exorbitant costs. This treatment also offers the advantages of being able to wear invisible aligners that will not be completely noticeable to the naked eye. Also, they are detachable so you can eat whenever you feel like it and not have to worry about food getting caught in any wires or anything of that clearcorrect_mouth_guardnature. Lastly, they are made in America. To utilize this treatment option, you are going to need to find an orthodontist or dentist that is willing and able to manage your treatment. Once you are identified as a candidate, you will get x-rays and photos, use impressions to capture the overall shape of your teeth and you would submit your prescription to ClearCorrect for your order. Once you receive the aligners, you are going to want to wear them for a minimum of 22 hours each and every day.


This is another alternative that you might want to take a close look at. This treatment option also offers quick results and can cost up to 20% less than the competition. Once you send in your impressions, you are going to get your aligners in around 3 to 4 weeks. The ideal patient for this type of treatment is going to be someone that only needs minor adjustments.


Clear Align

Clear Align is another excellent option for anyone that is looking for the same kind of technology for a cheaper price. They also offer an invisible aligner for their patients that can help to provide bracket free orthodontics to patients and generate results at a fraction of the time and cost that it would for other treatments. Again, with this treatment, you are going to want to make sure that you only need minor orthodontic work on your teeth as it is not going to help something that requires more attention or pressure.

As you can see, there are plenty of alternatives that you can choose from. The truth is, each of these alternatives are likely to provide the same type of results than their more expensive competitor. If you are planning on investing in orthodontic treatment in the future, these are the alternatives that you are going to want to consider looking into. You should be able to find the right one by discussing the options with your chosen dental health professional.